Bachelor In Arts

Abeda Inamdar Senior College

Subject Offered

The B.A. degree course consists of three years viz. FY.B.A., S.Y.B.A. and TY.B.A. Our college offers English, Sociology, Political Science, Urdu, Economics & Psychology as special subjects at S.Y. B.A. and TY.B.A. level, subject to the students strength


The students of first year shall offer six subjects from following.

  1. Compulsory English
  2. General English
  3. Urdu /Marathi
  4. Hindi / Arabic
  5. Economic
  6. Political Science
  7. History
  8. Psychology
  9. Sociology

*Note: Those who desire to specialize in English must offer General English at F Y.B.A


In the second year of B.A., the student can specialize in either of the following subjects English, Urdu, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology or Economics. The student has two papers of the Special Subject (S1 and S2) in addition to its General/ optional paper. The S.Y B.A. (special) students have the following subjects/papers:

  1. Compulsory English
  2. Sociology
  3. Urdu /Marathi/Optional English
  4. Hindi / Arabic
  5. Political Science /Psychology
  6. History/Economic

The number of subjects (papers) at S.Y.B.A. will be six.


In TY.B.A. the subjects and papers of S.Y.B.A. will be continued in the same order as mentioned above.

The number of subjects (papers) will be six



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