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About BBA Department:

In 2006, the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) had a humble beginning, and now has a strong base of 350+ students including a flock of International Scholarship students. The BBA program of the Department of Commerce offers a three year bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and provides a professional core of courses needed for vocational endorsement. Specializations available are Finance, Marketing and Human Resource Management.

The department involves students in interactive classes where they can learn, acquire skills and form attitudes and values appropriate for managerial and professional careers in Business, Industry, Banking and Corporate sector . Students’ participations in events like Management Fiesta, Vibrant Week and Industry Visits expose students to real life business situations in a stimulating learning environment.

This program prepares the students by giving them an opportunity to learn by applying the theories in a  practically conducive environment. It is imperative for a student as every session of the program focuses on development through practice.

Department Head

Ms. Ameena Sabooni

MBA Finance and MBA International Business.

Coordinator - BBA

Department Pogram and Courses

The BBA Program of Abeda Inamdar Senior College is a holistic Program which includes Personality Development, Vocabulary development, Development of Presentation skills, Public Speaking Skills and shapes each student into the future Managers of the world. It also increases the entreprenaurial skills of the students.

Each student is paid special atention to, Remedial Lectures and Mentor Training is met out to them who need extra learnings. Serving each student according to their capablities, identifying the students' strengths and focusing on increasing those strengths is a part of the development process that happens in BBA Department. 

The seeds of transition from meek to mighty, introvert to extrovert, dull to sharp, ignorant to enlightened that helps the students step out of the campus with confidence and increase their efficieny and efficacy are planted here. 

Entreprenuership abilities are developed, business acumen are sharpened, awareness is highlighted here.

We understand that the greatness of a man is judged by the humbleness and humaneness portrayed while dealing with people and situations. Based on this ideology, we impart education, and characteristics of Humility and Humanity, for that is the true benchmark of a man. One can reach great heights, but that is not the true measure of a man. 

We uphold our traditions, culture and values which are portrayed by our annual fests and event. The B-Connect Team of students from BBA Department plans, manages and implements such fests. 

We hold firm our Motto "Read to Lead" firmly and encourage the students to lead people for the betterment of the nation.

We have a very secular environment which is conducive for students from all backgrounds and nationalities, giving students an exposure to the beautiful cultures of the world. The students here do not just learn, grow and accomplish their goals in the department, they also forge a lasting friendship with the fellow students from all over the world and a deep-seated admirance and respect for the College.

We have a strong base of Alumni students who are placed in various departments in excellent positions with a handsome pay that serves as a testimony of our success. We aim to reach greater heights with you.   

Join us to experience the world of oppportunities. 

Step up, and join us in our journey towards success.

 Course  Duration    Eligibility
BBA 3 years Std. XII in any feild or any equivalent of the same


Department Faculty

Sr. No Faculty Designation Qualification
1 Ms. Ameena Sabooni Coordinator MBA Finance, MBA International Buisness.
2 Ms. Shamsiya Inamdar Asst. Professor Msc Mathematics.
3 Ms. Subiya Shaikh Asst. Professor MBA Finance, M.com in Costing.
4 Ms. Marium Bhala Kapadia Asst. Professor  BMS, M.com in Management, PGDORM(Operations Research Management),SET(Commerce).
5 Ms. Nauziya Baig Asst. Professor MBA IT, M.com in Business Adminstration.
6 Ms. Heena Shaikh Asst. Professor M.A. Economics, B.ED.
7 Ms. Deepa Khan Asst. Professor BA, LLB, LLM.


Sr. No.





Mr. Mohd. Fazil Shareef

Coordinator - BBA

M.Com, MBA (Marketing)


Ms. Saher Khan

Asst. Professor



Ms. Raisa Shaikh

Coordinator - BBA

Bachelor in Engineering


Ms. Nida Shaikh

Asst. Professor



Ms. Lovedeep  Kaur

Asst. Professor

M.Com, MBA


Ms. Shakira Shaikh

Asst. Professor

MBA (Finance)


Ms. Ishrat Sayyed

Asst. Professor



Ms. Heena Kauchali

Asst. Professor

B.Sc (Computer), MBA- HR


Ms. Wafia R. Kachhi

Coordinator - BBA

M.Com, MBA (Finance)



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