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Zoology is the study of animal life. Zoologists research everything they think to ask about animals, including their anatomy and interrelationships, their physiology and genetics, their distributions and habitats. We are intricately tied to animal life - we've depended on many of them for food, work, and friendship throughout our evolution and history. Zoology is a live subject. It is loved and appreciated by the students, because it imparts the most useful knowledge of our daily life. Zoology no longer remains a pure subject, and has been revised extensively making it a more interdisciplinary science to cater to the present scenario which is largely research and application based. Zoology Department is looking forward for the betterment of the students.

The Dept. was established in the year.1991 with the inception of the College and was imparting education up to S.Y.B.Sc. level. The Dept. is producing quality student with above 90% results.Poster competitions, quiz competitions, seminar competitions, socio- cultural events are some of the annual activities under taken by the department. These activities accentuate the overall personality of the students and develop in them team spirit, organization skill, healthy competition. The cultural celebrations of the department strengthen the camaraderie between students, which helps create a conducive cosmopolitan atmosphere in the department. At the end of the course students should be able to, get motivated to take zoology for higher studies. They will train to think critically in terms of their learning and research. Students will be able to assess and implement the practical techniques necessary to solve a particular biological problem. Students will be able to communicate with audiences through poster displays, seminar presentations, project reports and essays.

Department Head

Head of Department: Dr. Ishrat Shaikh

• M.Sc., B.ED , Ph.D, Teaching Experience- 12 Years,

• Contact No.- +91-9420322960

• Email Id.- dr.ishrat_shaikh@rediffmail.com

Departmental contact

Blog: http://zoologyaisc.blogspot.in/

Departmental Mail id: http://aisczoology@gmail.com

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Department Pogram and Courses

Course  Eligibility
F.Y.B.Sc. 12th or MLT
S.Y.B.Sc. F.Y.B.Sc.

Departmental Faculty

Sr. No. Faculty Designation Qualification Email id
1 Dr. Ishrat Shaikh Head & Assistant Professor Ph.D, M.Sc, B.Ed dr.ishrat_shaikh@gmail.com
2 Ms. Nusrat Perween Assistant Professor M.Sc, NET, SET, GATE. B.Ed nusratperween13@gmail.com
3 Ms. Summaiya Shaikh Assistant Professor M.Sc, B.Ed summaiyahabs1992@gmail.com




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