IQAC Statutes

Abeda Inamdar Senior College



Abeda Inamdar Senior College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Pune 411001.

Statutes of the Internal Quality Assurance Committee

The Statutes define the duties and rights and responsibilities of the IQAC. They are as follows:

(a) There shall be an Internal Quality Assurance Committee in the college to plan, guide and monitor quality assurance and quality enhancement of curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities of the entire college.

(b) The Internal Quality Assurance Committee shall consist of the following members:

  • Principal/Vice Principal as Chairperson;
  • IQAC coordinator
  • Heads of departments
  • Librarian
  • Physical Education Director
  • College examination Officer
  • UGC planning and development officer
  • Conveners of Important Committees
  • Office Superintendent
  • Experts from Academic institution/ Industry.
  • CDC/LMC representative.

(c) Functioning of IQAC: All major decisions of the college will be routed through the IQAC. The Internal Quality Assurance Committee shall meet as many times as necessary to do the tasks assigned to it .The minimum quorum for an IQAC meeting is 06 members. No IQAC meeting can be held without at least one of the following being present:

  1. Coordinator IQAC/ Secretary IQAC
  2. Vice-Principal/ Vice Principal
  1. The IQAC will circulate the notice and agenda of its meeting at least 4 days prior to the meeting to all Teaching and non teaching members. A notice and agenda circulated on the teaching and non-teaching what’s app group is an acceptable circulation of notice and agenda. In very urgent cases these four days may be reduced to two. However the explicit permission of the Principal is required for the same. Maximum of two notices per year can be circulated with a notice period of two days.
  2. Non-attendance of any member at two consecutive meetings of the IQAC shall make the member eligible for non- compliance process. However whether to execute the same will be the discretion of the Principal and the Co-coordinator IQAC.
  3. In case a non IQAC member wishes to contribute to an item on the agenda, he/she may forward his suggestions in writing to any member of IQAC for inclusion in the discussion on the item. In case a non IQAC member wishes to attend a particular IQAC meeting, he/she may do so with the prior permission of the IQAC coordinator / Principal.

The Duties, Responsibilities and Rights of Internal Quality Assurance Committee shall be:

  • It is the duty of the IQAC to call a meeting at the beginning of the year to finalize the Academic Calendar for the college on the basis of the Departmental Academic Calendar received.
  • The IQAC shall set the Parallel heads team at the first meeting of the IQAC, if the same is not already in place. (For further details of Parallel heads , refer to rights duties and responsibilities of heads point no 13)
  • To maintain a record of all the activities forwarded by the various departments..
  • To institutionalize the best practices.
  • To organize inter-institutional and intra-institutional workshops and seminars on quality related themes and promotion of quality circles;
  • To organise feedback from students, teachers, non-teaching employees, management, parents and other stakeholders on quality-related institutional processes;
  • To take required action on feedback so received.
  • To verify and certify the self- appraisal reports of the teaching and non- teaching staff.
  • The IQAC shall address the grievances of the staff, if any with the help of Grievance Redressal Committee.
  • To create an exclusive window on the official website to regularly report on its activities as well as for hosting the annual quality assurance report;
  • To prepare the annual quality assurance report of the college based on the quality parameters or assessment criteria of NAAC
  • To get The Annual Quality Assurance Report approved by the Management.
  • The IQAC shall regularly submit the Annual Quality Assurance Report to the National Assessment and Accreditation Council or other accreditation bodies.
  • The IQAC may visit any department with a prior notice of five days to verify any document/ activity reported.
  • The Chairperson /Coordinator of IQAC in consultation with other members of the IQAC can issue a Non Conformance Report (NCR)** for repeated noncompliance of protocol/process/ quality standards.

** (A non-conformance report documents the details of a non-conformance identified in a quality audit or other process review. The objective of the report is to make an unambiguous, defensible, clear and concise definition of the problem so that corrective action can and will be initiated by management. The non-conformance report includes who, what, where, when.)



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