Policy Support Staff

Abeda Inamdar Senior College

Policy Support Staff

Code of Conduct --- Support Staff/ Non Teaching Staff

Non Teaching Staff Code of Conduct outlines management’s expectations regarding employees’ behaviour towards their seniors, supervisors colleagues, students and overall organization.


  • All are free to express their views and feedback regarding work and systems.
  • All support staff must wear the uniform on all working days. They must compulsorily wear the Identity Card at all times on the campus.
  • All Support staff must be computer literate. Every staff must hold at least one computer certification upon appointment. In case a computer non qualified staff is appointed, he must obtain a certification within one year of appointment . Failing which his/her services are liable to be terminated.
  • All should complete their duties efficiently and in a timely manner.
  • All should be punctual when coming to and leaving from work.
  • All should fulfill their job duties with integrity and respect toward colleagues, stakeholders and the community.

Work and Behaviour

  • All must show professionalism in the college
  • All should respect their colleagues.
  • Support staff is urged to respect the professionalism of academic employees and fellow support staff members and to refrain from behaviour that would prevent others from fulfilling their duties, for example, by failing to order books or repair equipment
  • They should maintain the work culture and environment of the college.
  • All must comply with environmental, safety and fair dealing laws.
  • All should treat the college property with respect and care and

should demonstrate a concern for the appropriate use and maintenance of all equipment provided by the college.

  • Ensure that college services such as photocopying and postage are used only for college purposes
  • Kindly refrain from spending unnecessary time on the college computer.
  • Any work assigned by the Head of Department , Principal and any other authority of the college will be willingly accepted and effectively executed on time.
  • Examination duty and NSS duty is mandatory for all support staff
  • Interdepartmental transfers will be accepted willingly as and when proposed by the authorities.
  • All support staff must attend Development Programs and training workshop to update themselves.


  • All non teaching staff members who wish to further their qualification will be provided 50% fee concession.
  • All non teaching staff members whose children are admitted in the campus schools and colleges are eligible for 50% fee concession.

Leave Procedure:

All support staff must get the casual leave sanctioned from their respective heads before proceeding on leave.

The casual leave form must be submitted to the college leave clerk before proceeding on leave.

In case of emergency casual leave the support staff must intimate the head as well as the leave clerk through t message/email/ whats up.

Upon return from emergency casual leave the support staff must forward the casual leave form to the college office within two days of rejoining.

No support staff can avail any duty leave without the explicit permissison of the higher authority.

Disputes and their Resoultion

  • All are expected to avoid any conflicts, personal, financial or otherwise that might hinder their capability or willingness to perform their duties.
  • All non teaching staff should avoid offending, participating in serious disputes and disrupting the workplace.
  • In case of any disputes it should be sorted out with the help of the direct authority , and if solution is not forthcoming from the direct authority then only principal may be approached.

Interaction with students.

  • Support staff will demonstrate courtesy, respect, patience, and willingness to help in all their interactions with students in any context.
  • All should strive actively to avoid conflict between themselves and any student .
  • Refrain from physical intervention to resolve a conflict between students.
  • In the event of conflict initiated by a student, the employee will maintain an open, non-confrontational attitude and report the incident to the administrative or departmental head.
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