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Rights of teacher Rights of teacher=

Rights and Duties of the Teacher

  1. The teacher is the academic and ethical leader in the Classroom.
  2. The teacher must complete the portion within the given time frame and submit a syllabus completion report to the HOD at the end of every term.
  3. Every teacher must wear the College ID Card every day.
  4. No student will be allowed to attend the class without the ID Card and the teacher must ensure this.
  5. The right to grant leave of absence to any student lies with the teacher.
  6. Any student seeking extra ordinary leave from the classes should seek the permission of the teacher whose classes the student will be missing and it is the duty of the teacher to bring this to the notice of the HOD.
  7. Each UG Teacher can organize up to a maximum of two guest lectures per subject taught (during the entire year) on topics related to his/her subject @ a remuneration of RS 1,000/- per guest during his /her own lecture; after adjusting the lecture timing with a colleague or after lecture hours. No prior permission for the same is to be taken. Intimation to the HOD two days prior to organization is required.
  8. Each P.G teacher can organize upto a maximum of two guest lectures per term only. Remuneration of Rs 1500/- per lecture is sanctioned for the same. No prior permission of HOD is required. Intimation to HOD to be made at least 24 hrs prior to the same. Permission of HoD/ co-ordinator is required if the guest lecture will disrupt the academic schedule of other teachers. A further amount of Rs 200- can be utilitsed for organizing a rose bud and refreshments for each guest lecture. Further conveyance amount of Rs 350/- will be reimbursed.
  9. Subject experts invited by the Research Centers will be reimbursed an honorarium of Rs 1,500/- and local conveyance of Rs 350/-.
  10. Every teacher must ensure that the students enrolled for his/her subject is in the subject students list forwarded by the college administration office are attending the lectures. No teacher should add or delete a name from the subject list. Any addition or deletion of name should be forwarded to the administration office via the HOD. No request for change in subject should be entertained after August.
  11. Each Teachers is to teach at least 50% of the syllabus using ICT. The teacher may book the e-libray, Multi- media rooms for the same in advance. Each department has been allotted a mobile LCD. The same is to be used.
  12. Each teacher may use the theory classes to initiate debates and discussions on the subjects taught.
  13. Quizz Competitions and role plays to be used wherever possible to add creativity to teaching and making learning fun.
  14. Notes are strictly not to be dictated in the theory Classes. Notes may be circulated/ Put up on Moodle / Easy Class / Vriddhie software or put up on the Intranet Server of the Campus.
  15. A teacher has to fill in the C.L form, get it signed by the head and submit the same to the Office Leave clerk. Teacher does not have to contact the Principal for Casual Leave. However procuring permission from the HOD is a must.

In case a teacher has to take a CL in an emergency, it is necessary to call/sms/ email the HOD about the absence from work. A sms should also be made to the clerk in charge of Maintenance of leave record, so that she can insert the CL mark in the muster. The CL form should be submitted within 2 days of such emergency leave.

  1. No duty leave can be availed without the prior permission of the Principal. The teacher seeking duty leave should fill the duty leave form, get it signed by the HOD and meet the Principal with the same between 9.00 a.m. and 9.30 a.m/ 12.00 noon to 12.30 p.m. with the same. If the teacher is not able to meet the Principal between the above mentioned timings/ Principal is not available the teacher may leave the same on the Principals table and sms the principal about the same.  If the D.L. is not to be sanctioned the Principal must intimate the teacher via sms/email within 24 hours. Failing which it will be assumed that the D.L has been sanctioned.
  2. In case of medical leave the teacher must inform the leave maintaining Clerk, HOD and Principal via sms/email/ phone call. There is NO necessity of a family member bringing a note in writing. Upon rejoining duty the teacher must submit the medical certificate and fitness certificate.
  3. Seminar/ Conference/ Workshop/ FDP/ Symposium fees will be reimbursed to the extent of 50% of the amount paid for registration provided no paper/poster is being presented at the same. This amount will be reimbursed to a maximum extent of Rs 3,000 per year , per faculty member.
  4. Seminar/ Conference/ Workshop/ FDP/ Symposium fees will be reimbursed to the extent of 100% of the amount paid for registration provided a paper / poster is being presented at the same. The amount will be reimbursed to a maximum extent of Rs 5,000/- per year, per faculty member.
  5. 100% registration fee reimbursement and TA will be given for attending seminars and conferences related to New Syllabus/ Syllabus Restructuring.
  6. For point 18 and 19 above , TA and DA will be given upon receipt of letter of Jt director/ sanctioning authority.
  7. No teacher can accept any teaching assignment unrelated to college activity without the explicit sanction of the HOD.
  8. Every teacher will co-operate and assist the HOD/ Convenors of Committees/ Principal/ Management and other administrative authorities to work for the betterment of the College.
  9. Every teacher will maintain the required decorum in communication, behavior and team work.
  10. Failure to abide by any on the above will make the teachcer liable for Non compliance report.

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